Quality outcomes is our focus. Through our workshops, audits, and presentations we can help you maximize your organization's performance on the following topics:



Medicare Compliance

Infection Control Practices

Quality Measures


Restorative Nursing Program

Dementia Care



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Defined by the needs of our clients

We are an interdisciplinary network of experienced post acute care professionals.  Our values are consistent with improving quality outcomes and we believe that leadership and relationships matter.

Depending on your needs, you may receive audit services, training, or guidance from one of our nurses, therapists, educators, or operational team members.

PDPM Articles


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Dedicated to quality and compliance in post acute care.

Welcome to the future...  PDPM, MDS changes, and more QMs.  We knew these industry game changers were on their way.  Whether you want to identify your strengths or pinpoint your vulnerabilities, we look forward to sharing our knowledge and experience with you.


With your help, we want to be the best at providing our clients with a solid knowledge base so that they can meet their quality outcome goals.